Cricket can be stress-inducing. Our Lavender Luscious Candles are just the thing to help you relax the nerves.

Cricket can be stress-inducing. Our Lavender Luscious Candles are just the thing to help you relax the nerves.

Sweaty Palms, Stomach full of butterflies, cricket is not just a game, it fills us with so many emotions that we even forget how to react sensibly. 

As soon as the match reaches its end it becomes a way more tense situation. It’s all about that one swing of the bat that can change game destiny. The only thing that’s between you, your team, and that winning trophy is that last over, you can feel blood racing through your veins faster. It may be hard to believe these stressful game moments can bring increase blood pressure. 

As the outcome of the game hinges on us, where we all are questioning, what happens next, you can feel the rush of adrenaline circulating your blood veins. But every problem comes with a solution and so is it. Lavender Candles have been proven to treat stress and anxiety for many years. In ancient Japan fragrance candles used to be one of the primary therapy for respiratory distress and mood elevation. Our Lavender Luscious fragrance candle is a blessing to olfactory receptors, with the heartwarming tones of its fragrance it brings freshness and scents straight from the garden into your room.

How Does our Body react to Stressful Conditions?

Our coping mechanism is a weird yet dangerously strong wired mechanism that empowers us to handle the worst situations better. But this amazing mechanism works against us when we are not actually on any battlefield but we are in a stressful condition like watching cricket. Although having an elevated blood pressure and heart rate is not that harmful if this effect continues you might damage your heart health. At this point all your body knows is that you are experiencing something very stressful and it reacts appropriately. 

However, you can reduce the stressful event of cricket with little or no effort. Just lit our Lavender Candle and wait until the magic happens and surrounds the room. 

According to New York Times lavender has surprisingly strong healing powers for reducing stress. Anxiety reducing qualities of lavender provides calming, relaxing and soothing behavior. People not only love lavender because of its vibrant eye catching color but also for its therapeutic effect. Linalool is the active compound present in Lavender oil and it puts mice in relaxation mode in the recent study.

Lavender Luscious Candle available at our store is ready to reach your home and creates a peaceful and relaxing environment.  

Lavender-scented Candles Lighten up your Room’s Energy:

Lavender Candle gives your room a breezy yet earthy décor. The fragrance saturates the room until you are compelled to indulge in an ethereal experience of stimulating yet smooth wind. 

It pulls us close to nature and unwinds our entangled stress, loosening up our threads of anxiety and depression. Made with soya wax to last the effect longer which makes it non-toxic and naturally mood-lifting. Made with natural ingredients that is a strong enough fragrance to grip a multitude of nodes. This scent works as a miracle and brightens up your day like sunshine. The intoxicating and mesmerizing experience elevates your day with every morning coffee it puts you in the right energy to perform better throughout the day. The blend of earthy, floral yet delicate Lavender Candles allows you to have it all in one jar. 

The moment you lit Lavender Candle you enter into an unforgettable experience where all your stress becomes inferior to the air you breathe. Stimulating spring in your dinner hall and take some time to relax. 

Ethereal Fusion of Love and Lover!   

The blooming scent of the garden straight into your room. Created with love to bring a comforting aroma to your daily life. Captivating and luscious scent to encapsulate you with the goodness of undoubtedly one of the best floral experiences. 

There are a few reasons why people find scented candles useful not only because of the ambiance it provides but also because of the therapeutic effects it provides. People in ancient Japan used to make scented candles for aromatherapy and even today for treating anxiety, stress, and respiratory problems. Lavender Candle improves overall wellbeing and the fragrance contributes to the calming atmosphere. With dim light in the room when the Lavender candle is lightened up it creates a cozy and calming atmosphere. 

The fragrance fills the room with a floral and peaceful scent. Proven to track you off the daily stress of workload. Once you get home after a tiring work day this candle will be there to comfort you ease your mind and uplift your soul. 

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