How Watching Cricket and Motia Candle go Hand in Hand for Relieving Stress

How Watching Cricket and Motia Candle go Hand in Hand for Relieving Stress

Stress has become a permanent tenant of our daily lives today. Our personal responsibilities and constant influx of scattered information can lead to distract us and reduce our focusing ability. It is the right time to understand how stress is consuming our day-to-day performance and making us a weaker version of ourselves. It is important to make time for our mental and physical well-being because if we don’t, our workload will turn our stress into a chronic stress behavior. Chronic stress can have a profound impact on our daily lives including imbalanced sleep patterns, eating patterns, disturbed social interaction, and lower work performance it can make us miss out on many things.

But Cricket is popular for its mind-refreshing nature. It helps us to connect emotions, engage, and provide blood-pumping distraction. With the Ups and Downs of the score, we understand how heart rate shifts and somehow plays a significant role in relaxation. 

When combined with Aromatherapy with Scented Candles such as Motia Candle it can elevate the relaxation element to the next level.

The Art of Stress Relieving with Cricket and Aromatherapy

Understanding the Impact of Stress on Our Daily Lives

In today’s fast-paced world stress has become a living reality of every individual. Even the best of us couldn’t escape the workload stress. Constant addition of information from multiple sources has also led us to a point where we no longer retain any information we just scroll it away. 

Stress, in moderation, can be a motivating force. But if it continues for longer can turn into chronic symptoms it can be a sign of danger. 

How Cricket can help us Handle it Better!

Cricket on the other hand is not just a sport it is an emotion. It is a source of distraction where you can forget everything, who you are, what you do for a living, and just support a team and drift with swings of match. As the match proceeds with every bat swing, and every run our emotions rise and shut. When out of nowhere we see our favorite player getting knocked out, nothing can be worse. In those moments life reaches its peak we almost forget our work stress, and social fears because now it is just us and our team and the opponent. Motia Candle however sets the room air in a very refreshing, blooming mood combined with cricket it plays with heartbeats and relaxes them at the core levels.

This powerful Duo has much more to offer. Mediating stress can come in many ways and when dealing with mind and body, we pick the most refreshing and moving resources. Cricket has great potential in this regard, it can almost make you forget about your daily grind. It puts you in the flow of a match where everything depends on that last over of balling, either you bring the trophy home or watch the other team doing so.

The Magic of Motia Candle

Imagine an evening with a cup of coffee soft music in the background and a dim soft glow of candlelight with a delicate floral aroma. You will feel pleasure growing in your mind. Motia is a Flower also called Jasmine and the special type of fragrance it offers, sweet yet refreshing made it popular for its calming nature.  

Motia Candle and their Unique Benefits

Motia Candle aromatherapy has been popular in history as well. People lit motia wax candles to enhance mood because they create a fresh dainty room atmosphere. Back then people may not know this but today we know by fact that Motia Candles have a calming effect on the mind. The floral fragrance of Motia also known to be Jasmine stimulates happiness when we inhale it. Once it hits our nose receptors it makes our brain release happy hormones and sets us in a soothing and relaxing mood. 

The whole process of installing a candle and lighting it up works as a therapy. It makes our visual and tactile nerves soothe and relax again. A gentle flickering flame of Motia Candle will create a meditative atmosphere promoting a sense of mood uplifting and calmness.

The Science Behind Motia Candle Aromatherapy  

Aromatherapy is a long used practice especially in ancient Japan and China to reduce stress and treat breathing problems. Today we understand the well-rooted science behind these scents. It is not a trend of this era it has been a common practice since the 18th century. 

Only today we can understand how science works behind floral scents like the from Motia Candles which help us relieve stress and calm us. Once the floral scent reaches our olfactory receptors it signals our brain to evoke positive feelings and memories. Jasmine, in particular, is known to have a positive effect on the brain. Research shows inhaling jasmine or motia fragrance can lower heart rate and reduce stress hormones in the blood.

Powerful Duo of Cricket and Motia Candle

When a match is about to stream and everybody is rushing to your home, light your favorite Motia Candle and let the soft and soothing glow of Motia fill your room. Place them strategically around the room and let their aroma embrace your evening. 

Unwinding with Cricket and Aromatherapy

Now that you have set up the room and everything is in the right place working just right. Let the match begin and bring the fun element out of it. Once everyone gets into the game and realizes every ball can be a game changer, we recommend you bring out the most loved snacks and double the fun. Whereas, Motia Candle will be playing its part in unwinding and creating a perfect balance of relaxing and engaging experience.

Scented Candles and especially Motia Candle is an amazing opportunity to connect with your favorite sport on a new level.

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