Koku Motia Candles - A bit at The Commons Popups

Testing your business ideas at popups: Minimum risk business idea testing

What's keeping you from starting your business idea?

For most it is the cost and time involved. Starting a business is something a white collar person would rather ignore even despite increasing job insecurity and stagnating wages associated with white collar jobs.

Popups such as Karachi Commons, Karachi Eat and others are the perfect lab for young entrepreneurs to test their ideas out without the tough demands of a full fledge business.

It was the second year my brand Koku Was exhibiting at the Karachi Commons and it was a learning experience throughout getting to interact and get feedback from our customers. All in all a learning experience especially since we are primarily an e commerce company.

Prime lesson is to not wait for things to happen for you but instead make them happen to your advantage.

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